Andhra Pradesh

A land endowed with history and heritage.
A culture with a resonating affinity for all things refined - Literature, Art, Music, Dance and Drama.
A state of magnificent monuments and dreamy landscpapes
A charm that stems from a combination of the multitude of ancient temples of religion and the more modern temples of the trade.

At a Glance
• Formed on November 1st, 1956
•Integration of the nine Telugu districts of the erstwhile State of Hyderabad with the then Andhra state.
• Coast line spans nearly 1000 kms.
•Occupies a greater part of the Deccan Plateau, sloping down to embrace the sedate waters of Bay of Bengal.
• Watered by 34 rivers including the Krishna and Godavari
• Abundant in lush natural terrain - forests, hills, water falls, lakes, beaches

Tel.: 323 5380 / 2259 Time: 0900 hrs. -1900 hrs.
Dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, the Birla Mandir was built entirely of marble, by the Birla Foundation over a span of 10 years. Standing atop Kala Pahad, the twin hillock of Naubat Pahad, it overlooks the Tank Bund and presents an arresting sight when lit in the evening.

Tel.: 323 5081 Time: 1030 hrs. -1500 hrs.
The heart of the city plays home to one of the country’s most modern planetariums. It is also being developed into a centre for the study of astronomy. Sky shows are held daily at different timings in different languages.
The planetarium is closed on the last Thursday of the month.
The Science Museum is closed on the last Tuesday of the month.

Located in the heart of the old city, this magnificent edifice built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah is a unique symbol of Hyderabad. A small mosque is located on the roof of the edifice and the monument is surrounded by a bustling pearl and jewellery bazaar interspersed with perfume and attar dealers. Within walking distance is Laad Bazaar – an alley of shops selling lacquer and glass bangles.

Home of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, the Hope Diamond and the Orloff Diamond of Catherine the Great.Originally built by the Kakatiyas in the 13th century, the structure was expanded by the Qutab Shahi kings into a massive granite fort with over 7 kms of walls & ramparts. The city within claimed fame through its renowned diamond trade.

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