Michel Raymond, a French mercenary, was a military commander in the service of the 2nd Nizam and also his close friend. His tomb lies in Saroor Nagar off the Vijaywada Road about 3 kms from the Oliphant Bridge, in East Hyderabad. A commemorative Urs fair (a local celebrity) is held every year at his tomb, which is 7 metres high, made of black granite bearing the initials JR.

Lovers of unique geographical formations will enjoy these ancient rock formations around Hyderabad, with its landscape of stony ridges and hillocks, shaped into picturesque balancing forms. Geologists date these granite rocks of the Deccan 2,500 million years back and certain formations have been declared protected. Take a look at Durgam Cheruvu, a lake surrounded by sheer rocks, right behind the suburb of Jubilee Hills.
Contact the Society to Save Rocks for their monthly rock walks which are conducted every 3rd Sunday of the month. Tel.: 355 2923 Time: 0900 hrs. -1300 hrs.

Tel.: 452 3212 Time: 1000 hrs. - 1700 hrs. Closed on Friday
Along with a collection of art objects by Nawab Salar Jung III, this museum houses magnificent exhibits of European and Indian paintings and statuary. Of special interest is the Jade Room containing priceless objects, which belonged to ancient Indian rulers like Aurangazeb, Tipu Sultan, Shah Jahan and the Asaf Jahs of Hyderabad.


22.5 km away and parallel to Osman Sagar, this smaller tank is named after Nizam VII’s eldest son, Himayat Ali Khan. A part near the dam is green and ideal for a picnic and a small stretch of road on top of the dam can be a pleasant drive or walk.
Guest houses can be booked through the APTTDC. Tel.: 345 3036

Situated 20 km from the city, spanning over 29 sq. km., the reservoir was formed by damming the waters of the river Musi – in order to contribute to Hyderabad’s water supply. It also makes for a popular picnic spot and weekend retreat with guest house facilities.

This reservoir 16 km away was once the city’s main water source. Built by and named after Mir Alam, (Prime Minister of Hyderabad, 1804-1808) this tank is a unique piece of engineering with a mile-long bund formed by 21 arches.

Tel.: 323 5678 / 5777, 651 5787, 925 46555. Time: 0900 hrs. – 1400 hrs.
The sprawling 1500 acre complex on the outskirts of the city is a bit like Hollywood - with Indian features. Considered to be Andhra Pradesh’s answer to Mumbai’s Bollywood the locale comprises numerous film studios, elaborate sets (from mountains, rivers, forest to market, railway station, temples, palaces, villages and hotels), fun rides and film-based entertainment. It also sports a shopping mall to pick up souvenirs from.
For conducted tours to the sprawling complex call 925 46555

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